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Trollbeads Design Contest

I had the great pleasure to take part in Trollbeads People's Beads Contest for 2015. I love the way this brand combine relationship with jewelry, creating a unique story into every pieces.

The theme for this year was "share your passion", and I wanted to give me a chance trying to describe it into a jewel. My bead arises from my passions, drawing and paper, combined with the desire to let the mind fly through imagination. This is why i choose the symbol of a paper plane, that becomes a pencil with its point and wings, ready to fly through ideas bringing projects to life.

My bead invites everyone to fly with their imagination, because imagining is the art of creating unique and amazing stories.
Bead Material: Silver wings with Gold on the bottom

Trollbeads Flagship Store, Rome

10th september 2015

On September 2015 i had the great pleasure to meet Trollbeads Designer Kim Buck on the Flagship Store in Rome.

It was an amazing experience, and i learned a lot from his experience and andvices. He was so happy to share his knowledges and works with us, and we were proud of it. There's nothing so special than talk to someone who have passion for his job, inspiring your creativity, bringing you to always experimenting and never stop learning.

"It's all about jewelry", he said. And I couldn't agree more.